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How To Make Perfect Cup of Coffee Every Time – 7 Simple Steps

Helga Weber Foter CC BY-ND For a change, a good cup of coffee would be nice. It does take some time and some energy to find a great cup of gourmet coffee these days. If you do know of a perfect coffee shop, you are one of the lucky ones. But, did you know that […]


Other Uses For Coffee Filters – 15 Tips

niallkennedy / Foter / CC BY-NC Coffee filters can be used for more than filtering coffee. You will be amazed at the many other uses for coffee filters.   These creative ideas are   both money and time savers, and who doesn’t like saving money? Once you see the wide array of ideas you are sure […]


How to Buy Coffee Beans – 6 Tips

People who are looking to buy coffee beans generally make a quick decision. They base their choice on the packaging that the coffee is in. They may base their decision on the commercial that they have seen for a specific brand. While these are easy ways to choose coffee beans, they are not the best. […]


Coffee And Male Fertility

The Incredible Effects Of Coffee On Male Fertility   Coffee contains an ingredient called caffeine, which makes the drink stimulating. A shepherd first discovered the coffee bean’s stimulating effect by observing how his goats became energetic and began hopping around when they ate the leaves and fruits of the coffee tree. He tried the fruits […]


Green Coffee Bean Extract. Miracle Diet Pill?

By: Sean Mattherson   Everyone, who has ever tried to lose a couple of pounds, has tried to do that with coffee. Coffee beans are rich with chlorogenic acid, which is the substance that restricts the glucose absorption in the organism, leaving you healthier and slimmer. However, coffee has negative side effects. After the second […]


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