GLORYBREW – The Duke – 72 Compostable Coffee Pods for Keurig

GLORYBREW – The Duke – 72 Compostable Coffee Pods for Keurig K-Cup Brewers – Rainforest Alliance certified – Medium Roast

GLORYBREW The Duke – Medium Roast:

This medium-roast blend has a bright, pleasant aroma with medium acidity and mellow toasted notes. The Arabica beans are sourced from premium selections in Indonesia give this blend its earthy notes, while Latin American Arabica beans round-out a smooth finish.

80 Cafés Oquendo Nespresso Compatible Coffee Capsules

80 Cafés Oquendo Nespresso Compatible Coffee Capsules – Organic Bio, Oxo-Biodegradable Capsules – Premium Quality 100% Pure Arabica Nespresso – 8 Boxes 10 Count – 80 Cups – 60 Day Guarantee

Is Coffee the Mirror Image of Cocoa?


Coffee and cocoa share many similarities and seem to possess a unique familial relationship, but is that really the case? They are both farmed by indigenous people in similar parts of the world. Coffee (Arabica beans) grows in high altitudes while cocoa grows in lower altitudes. Both grow on trees in shade with a lifespan of about 25 years.

Coffee: The Good and the Bad You Didn’t Know About


I often say to my clients that it is not important what we do, rather WHY we do it. If I am nice to you because I have low self-esteem and I am afraid that you may not like me otherwise, the chemicals I am producing are stressing my body, creating inflammation and degeneration. However, if I am nice to you because it feels good to be nice (whether you like me or not), then I am creating healing and regenerative chemistry in my body.

Nespresso Compatible Ristretto Compostable Coffee Capsules

Nespresso Compatible Organic Ristretto Coffee Capsules by Kiss Me Organics – 100% Biodegradable and Compostable made from Slow Roasted Organic Coffee Beans – 30 capsules

We've taken our sustainability game to the next level. Kiss Me Organics coffee capsules are not only biodegradable, they're 100% compostable. That means that all Kiss Me Organics coffee capsules will be returned to the Earth in the form of good quality compost. No need to clean the used capsules out for recycling, just throw them away with the rest of your garbage and they'll completely disintegrate within 180 days, and that's even better than recycling!

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