Colombia Regional Collective: La Primavera

Deeply nestled in the Central Andes, the next stop on our Colombian Regional Collective tour is, Tolima. Celebrated for producing complex specialty coffees with bright acidity and distinct tropical notes, Tolima is Colombia’s third-largest coffee-producing region responsible for 12% of its annual tonnage.

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Red Brick and Coffee Freshness

How Does Freshness Really Affect Your Espresso?

Freshness is an interesting concept with coffee. It’s widely known that for the best brew, fresher is better, with one pretty major caveat: degassing. Here at Square Mile, like most other specialty roasters, we recommend resting beans for 5-10 days after roasting, before putting it into the hopper and then using that coffee within a month from the roast date to get the best results. But how accurate are these recommendations? What actually happens to the beans, and the coffee you brew from them, during that month? And, most importantly, when is your espresso going to taste at it’s best?

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Team Favourite: January

To keep track of all the standout coffees we showcase throughout the year, we’ve decided to introduce a monthly favorite retrospective. The first vote to determine the January winner took place earlier this week, and although it was close, Ruvumbu stole the prize!

A first-time purchase, this exceptional Rwandan darling was chosen for its classic, rustic Red Bourbon flavor profile typical of Rwandan coffee, juicy berry acids, orange finishing, and smooth custardy mouthfeel. Winning by two votes only, Rwanda was without a doubt the winning origin with the natural lot from Huye Mountain coming in at a close second.

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5 Best coffee brands from around the world

Coffee is known to be the most consumed beverage in the world. Since different parts of the world grow different types of coffee beans, taste and purity can vary a lot. This has allowed multiple brands to capitalize on the unique nature of coffee grown in countries all over the world. In this article, we choose 5 different coffee brands that have left their mark on the world.

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