Coffee Grinders

Picking the best grinder can make the messy and long process of grinding much more rewarding.

There are three main types – blade, crusher, and burr.  The crusher is the ancient way of using a pestle and mortar to mash the beans.  This process is difficult and gives an uneven grind because it just crushes them – not highly recommended.  Blade grinders chop.  The blade whirls, slicing the beans into small grounds – still not the best because the grains are not the same size and not all the oils are released, varying the flavor and dissipating a lot of the flavor.  However, burrs use motorized plates with teeth that are the pyramid in shape, allowing for the perfect grind.  Better burrs allow for varied grain sizes because the speed can be adjusted accordingly.

The burr allows for the perfect brew.  Speed control keeps the heating of the beans low.

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