Coffee prevents cirrhosis

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Coffee… a miracle cure for… I’ll tell you next Coffee Can Prevent Alcohol-Related Cirrhosis Amy Jacob writing in MD reported the benefits of coffee consumption have long been questioned, but now a new group of experts has given it the thumbs up.

According to a review of studies published in the journal Alimentary Pharmacology and Therapeutics, increasing coffee intake could help reduce the chances of developing alcohol-related cirrhosis. To examine the relationship between coffee consumption and the risk of cirrhosis, a research team led by Oliver Kennedy, MD, Southampton University in Britain, analyzed nine studies involving more than 430,000 participants.

Overall, the studies included 1,990 cirrhosis patients. The length of the studies varied, but one lasted nearly 20 years. In eight of the nine studies analyzed, increasing coffee consumption by two cups per day was “associated with a statistically significant reduction in the risk of cirrhosis” – specifically by 44%. Comment: coffee has been shown other studies to benefit the heart. Interesting.


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