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Coffee while Intermittent Fasting: Accelerator or Destroyer?

So does black coffee break your fast? Does it eradicate all the benefits that you would normally get from fasting when you have that single cup of joe well, I’m going to break it down in this video? I’M gon na give you some food for thought when it comes down to what you’re truly trying to get out of your fast hey. If you haven’t already make sure you hit that subscribe button, new videos coming out every single Tuesday, Friday and Sunday at 7 a.m.

Pacific time and if you click that little bell, you can get notifications whenever I go live or post new videos also make sure you check out highly calm for the latest and greatest when it comes down to the apparel that I’m always wearing in my videos. Alright, let’s get down to the science for a minute. So when you look at coffee, we have to really understand what we’re trying to get from both coffee, but also what we’re trying to get out of our fast okay. We know that coffee can induce some kind of fat burning effects. We also know that fasting can induce all kinds of fat burning effects, but we have to look at when they work together and when they don’t you see if you are fasting because you’re trying to completely abstain from food and beverages altogether, then it’s pretty simple. It’S pretty cut and dry know you shouldn’t have coffee, but if you’re trying too fast because you’re looking for metabolic effects and the auto Fidji effects, which is where you basically recycle cells and consolidate cells, then actually coffee can be very beneficial for you. I’M gon na help you understand in this video. Ok, so we look at fasting. We have to look at the two key benefits that most of us are probably seeking out. One is fat loss. Okay, fasting boosts fat loss via the production of catecholamines adrenaline noradrenaline epinephrine stimulating what is called hormone sensitive lipase. Basically, it turns on fat burning at the cellular and hormonal level. Ok, but additionally, fasting has a huge benefit when it comes down to a toff adji. I sound like a broken record because you’ve probably heard me talk about this in other videos, but al-tofah g is simply where the body recycles cells. So if we have old cells that are kind of decrepit and not doing a good job anymore, stronger cells are gon na, go through and they’re going to eat those cells and they’re gon na consolidate and become one stronger cell, so basically etapa G when you’re in A fuel deprived state encourages cells to get stronger by getting rid of the weaker ones. Alright, this sounds like a great thing right. Well, guess what coffee has now been shown to boost autophagy, even when you’re not fasting? So let’s break this down a little bit. Autofit G requires what is called the inhibition of mammalian target of rat myosin, also known as imp tor. Okay, what in tor is is a very anabolic pathway and I don’t want you to freak out when I say that we need to reduce mTOR. It does not mean that you’re gon na lose your muscle. Okay, Altaf adji by definition, is not anabolic. Okay, so anabolic means you’re, building muscle means you’re growing I mean cells are growing literally by definition. Autophagy is the breakdown and the recycling and the consolidation of cells. In no way shape or form could that ever be construed as anabolic, so don’t freak out, but anyway, I’m gon na make some sense of all this there’s a study that was published in the journal Cell cycle and it took a look at two different groups: okay, In these, two different groups were given either caffeinated, coffee or decaffeinated coffee, and they wanted to measure what would happen: atif eg after the consumption of either decaf or caffeinated coffee. Well, guess what, after one to four hours of consuming the coffee, decaf or not, there was a massive increase in otology. That means the level of auto phagosome had increased, producing more of a cell recycling effect after any kind of coffee. So what they’ve found is that the polyphenols in either decaf or regular, initiate the inhibition of mTOR and this inhibition of mTOR is what allows us to start auto Fujii. So we turn off the anabolic system temporarily, so the cells can recycle and do their job. So what this tells us is that we get a double whammy effect. We get sort of a perfect storm. We are already getting autophagy benefits from fasting in the first place, but now by adding coffee into the mix, we boost that even more by shutting down mammalian target of RAB myosin. We just enhanced our fasting effect. We didn’t blunt it like some people will say by having coffee again. Are you after a physiological scientific result, or are you fasting for a different purpose? Okay, we do have to look at the big picture here if you’re fasting for religious purposes or for purposes like that whole different ballgame, I’m not talking about that. I’M talking about doing it for the physiological and the mental benefit. Now, there’s another thing that we have to factor into, and this comes from a study that was published in the biochemical and biophysical research communications journal and this study took a look at caffeine’s effect on auto fatigue. So we already know that decaf and caffeinated coffee have the same effect on in TOR when it comes down to the polyphenols. What about the caffeine? So we found that caffeine actually stimulates the up regulation of what is called a MP kinase, so a.m.

Protein kinase, ok, this AMPK gets up regulated and it’s in a calcium, deprived, AMPK up regulation that this occurs and that causes autopsy to stimulate through its own pathway. Ok, that was complex. Basically, all it means is that caffeine stimulates a particular mechanism in the body. An enzymatic activity that only occurs when you’re in a fueled, deprived state, otherwise, so the consumption of caffeine triggered otology through a different pathway. Ok in case you’re, not tracking with me, you know what this means. This means you literally have a trifecta here: fasting, promoting autophagy in and of itself. Then you have the inhibition of mammalian target of rat myosin, that’s inducing on top of G in and of itself, then you have that caffeine actually stimulating the upregulation of AMPK. Ok, a whole different pathway to stimulate Altaf AG. That’S three different ways that you’re stimulating, auto fuji. So to me whether you are after the fat loss benefits or the etapa g benefits, black coffee is beneficial in a fasted state. So if you’re looking for a clean, wholehearted fast, then yes you’re going to keep the black coffee out of the equation, and for those of you that we’re wondering the inhibition of mTOR the whole anabolic, switching off kind of thing. I don’t want you to freak out at all, because guess what, after you break your fast import, elevates significantly? Ok! So when you break your fast you’re, not going to be in an auto fatty state, anymore, ok, you’re, not gon na be recycling cells. You broke your fast, you spike your insulin, you’re in you’re feeding window, it’s a whole different world now, but the cool thing is the induction of food into your body. Creates this massive increase in mammalian target of rapamycin. So what that means is that, even though you have ought Apogee occurring – and you may not be anabolic during your fasting period, the moment that you eat mTOR kicks on and you’ve the to put on gobs of muscle in a way that you, ordinarily wouldn’t be able To so don’t freak out, the inhibition of mTOR is perfectly necessary and perfectly good and in the long run it’s gon na. Allow you to build more muscle and burn more fat. So again, look at all the videos you want determine whether coffee is for you, but for me, if I’m intermittent fasting, I’m gon na consume black coffee. It doesn’t really matter to me. I like the effect so as always, keep it locked in here on my channel. If you have ideas for future videos put them down in the comments section below and I’ll tin, the favorite and which one will do next see you soon.

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