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Death Wish Coffee Nitro Brew


Death Wish Coffee Nitro Brew canning at Olde Saratoga Brewing Company

I gotta ask you a question. I’ve noticed that our good buddy here, John Swedish, has been out of the office lately, and I was wondering if you knew where he might have been going. Dustin: Well, it’s funny that you ask that Jeff. What I didn’t set that up good enough? Jeff and Dustin: Well, we have some of the fruits of his labor here right in front of you. We have successfully refined the process of making the cold brew, and it is now better than ever. Jeff has yet to try it. Jeff: I haven’t tried it yet. Dustin: We almost had him try it earlier, I slapped the coffee out of his hands. We wanted to keep his taste buds virgin so he could try it right now, and uh, give his reaction to you guys but this is, this is a cleaner cold brew than we have ever brewed before.
We put it up against other cold brews to see if it, how well it checks out, and it, man – I’m so impressed with this, and I can’t wait to release this to you guys. Now what Jeff has in front of him here, is actually the non-nitrogenated version. Tomorrow, as we are recording this, tomorrow, um, we will be uh, starting the new canning process, so it’s just a matter of time before we release this to you guys, and we have a lot more yield this time around.
So, I don’t imagine it will sell out as quick but do get it while supplies last. This will be much more delicious than the last run. So Jeff, please, try it. Jeff: I have been really excited to try this, so here I go. Dustin: Now as you try it, make sure it hits the sides of your tongue. That will kind of give you the nice, chocolaty notes.
Jeff: Oh yea. Now, ok. I have drunk this from the very first try that we tried. Dustin: The mud Jeff: Yeah, the rocket fuel mud. And it is a process that we’re refining and getting better. And I am telling you guys right now, this stuff that I just tried, this is the best cold brew I’ve ever had. And I’m not – Yes I’m paid to say that but I mean, it’s like when it really comes down to it is I really am not like, bull-sh… you, when I say I’ve tried every iteration of this cold brew. Dustin: And I feel like we really captured what the taste of Death Wish Coffee is into this cold brew, I feel like the last one, we kind of missed what Death Wish Coffee uh, actually has to offer and this one, I think we really, really nailed it down.
Jeff: And we are going to be releasing this you know, very soon, once we get it all canned and ready to go for all you guys. So if you got to try some of this the last time, you are going to be pleasantly surprised with the taste of this, it’s a little different, it’s a little nicer, it’s got that like you said, those chocolaty notes, it’s really fine. And if you didn’t get a chance to try it before, this is gonna be a brand new territory for you, and it’s going to be great. I’m excited for this. Definitely check out our YouTube and possibly our Facebook as well, um, I’m hoping that D-Man and myself are going to be able to go over to Olde Saratoga Brewery and get some, ah, some footage of the canning process. So even as I’m talking to you now, that footage might be available online. Dustin: I just hoping I can stand there with my mouth open and somebody will take a hose and blast that into my face.
Jeff: I’m gonna Facebook Live that if that happens. I can’t wait. Dustin: But keep in mind, uh, now that we have refined the process, and we did, we can now produce this much more readily, so it, you know, we’re thinking about getting out on the retail shelves eventually, and uh, you know, most of all, it will just be more readily available for you guys on Death Wish Coffee dot com.

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