This barista makes the most colorful latte art ever

By Cormack O'Connor

What was once a quiet Brisbane cafe, is now an internet sensation thanks to a unique menu item.

Emily Coumbis, a 25-year-old barista at Piggy Back Cafe in the Brisbane suburb of Jindalee, is behind the cafe’s visually stunning rainbow lattes.

She first saw the technique online, which involves dropping regular blue, pink, and yellow food dye into the milk, and decided to try it out herself.

Now, she has customers coming from as far as Singapore to try her creations – making up to 300 cups a week.

The Piggy Back Cafe is sharing its success with those in need too; donating $1 from each coffee sold to not-for-profit organisation The Mind Shift Foundation.

If you can’t get to Brisbane to try one, you can still watch the drink being made. It’s absolutely mesmerising.

11 Super Health Benefits Of Coffee

Super Health Benefits Of Coffee


An analysis of 36 studies on coffee published in 2013 in the Journal Circulation that included more than one million subjects found that those that regularly drank coffee were less likely to develop heart disease.

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Coffee Improves Depression In Women Studies Show Coffee Improves Depression In Women

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