Super Automatic Beverage Center DeLonghi ESAM6620 Gran Dama

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DeLonghi_ESAM6620_Gran_DamaDeLonghi ESAM6620 Gran Dama Super Automatic Beverage Center

The DeLonghi ESAM6620 Gran Dama Coffee Machine – Super Automatic Beverage Center is a programmable coffee making machine that delivers optimal results. You are free to adjust the start time, clock, and auto shut-off. You can also adjust the temperature of coffee and water hardness. It has five settings for the coffee strength. The settings include extra-mild, mild, strong, extra strong and regular. You can choose the size of the cup you want with the three buttons: espresso, ristretto and American coffee. You can customize the three settings to acquire the preferred taste

DeLonghi ESAM6620 Gran Dama Super Automatic Beverage Center Features

  • Digital Control Panel. The espresso machine has an easy to use interface with programmable settings. You can therefore adjust the time, auto off, coffee strength and temperature.
  • Direct-to-Brew Technology. With this technology, you will be able to grind your beans instantly to get the freshest espresso. The brewing system is removable for easy cleaning and compact.
  • Single Touch System. The machine prepares cappuccino, latte and Italian Macchiato easily with hot milk. You are only required to slide the milk tank onto the front of the machine. The Clean button makes cleaning and maintenance of the machine easy.


  • Easy to use
  • Powerful machine
  • Durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Nice looking

DeLonghi ESAM6620 Gran Dama Super Automatic Beverage Center Reviews

One of the recent customers who purchased the DeLonghi ESAM6620 Gran Dama Super Automatic Beverage Center said, “This is the second machine I am buying after the first one was stolen. I have enjoyed numerous cups of espresso from this machine. It is easy to use and the espresso has a beautiful crema on top.”

The DeLonghi ESAM6620 Gran Dama Super Automatic Beverage Center prepares your coffee quickly. The machine accommodates the latte cups with unique sliding drip tray. There is no waiting between preparing the cappuccino and espresso with double boiler system.


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