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The AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker is a Must For Home Brewers

AeroPressBy Lynne Schroeder
For those who love coffee, I mean really truly love their coffee, as in they are passionate about what makes a good coffee, it can be a dilemma. The coffee aficionado will have their preferred cafe that they frequent because they know the Barista will make the coffee just the way they like it. The passionate coffee connoisseur can tell you if the coffee is burnt, the milk too hot, the type of coffee used acceptable and so it goes on. They know the difference between a Latte and a Cafe au lait, a flat white and a cappuccino.
So what happens when the coffee wise wish to bring the sacred brew into their own home? Many realize that the same results just cannot be duplicated at home. They know and understand the artist that is the coffee Batista and respect his craft. Others however will attempt to produce a great cup themselves and there begins the pursuit of the ultimate coffee making implement.
The truly dedicated coffee lover will have in his or her kitchen an assortment of coffee brewing devices. It is likely they will have a filter coffee machine. This appliance usually takes the form of a heating plate where a tempered glass pot is placed into which the coffee drips as heated water percolates through the coffee grounds, which are contained within a paper filter inside a filter holder. The coffee from these machines, I find is usually quite weak or “watery” and lacks richness or body.
They may also have a plunger or “French press”. Coffee grounds are placed at the bottom of a straight-sided glass jug then boiling water is poured over them. The coffee is then left to brew for a few minutes before the plunger is slowly pushed down forcing the water through a fine strainer. The coffee from this method is far superior to the filter maker in my opinion, but still not up there with my local coffee house.
Then there is the cafetiere. This handy little device is loved by people of European extraction everywhere. Frankly, I never could master the technique of making coffee with this utensil. Again, it is based on the steam and pressure principal. Water is placed in the bottom section with coffee grounds placed in a perforated container above the water. After screwing the top section on the cafetiere is placed over a flame. Once the water reaches boiling point it percolates through the coffee and up into the top section. Once all the water has gone from the bottom section your coffee is made. The cafetiere makes a nice strong coffee just the way I like it. But I was never sure whether I was then supposed to top it up with boiling water or hot milk and in the end I ended up leaving it in the back of my pantry.
Not so long ago I came across a wonderful new product which seems to answer all my wishes. It is called the AeroPress and it is quite an amazing item. It processes the coffee using steam and pressure and the coffee that results is rich and not at all bitter. To add to this is the price. This is an incredibly well priced device. This handy little appliance takes up very little space in my cupboard and I am not restricted in the choice of coffee I can use. What a great find!
To find out more about the AeroPress Coffee And Espresso Maker visit http://dinnerwithlynne.blogspot.com/2010/02/really-good-coffee-at-home.html
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