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Why is organic coffee better than conventional coffee?

Kicking-Horse-Organic-CoffeeCoffee is one of the most chemically treated agricultural products on the planet today. It is because conventional growers cut down rainforests of produce less-expensive coffee. With such deforestation, nutrients disappear and chemical fertilizers are added to the plants. Also, since natural predators of coffee plant pests are wiped away with the forest, pesticides are added as well. What you think is the best organic coffee might contain a lot of these harmful chemicals.

However, there are some coffee growers that are environmentally very conscious and grow coffee beans in the shade of the rainforest. This method keeps the ecosystem intact. The plants receive the right amounts of nutrients and the biodiversity is free of chemicals like herbicides and pesticides. Below, we will see why organic coffee is better than conventional, or non-organic, ones.

Organic coffee tastes better and is healthier

Conventional coffee has a very strong and metallic taste, whereas organic coffee tastes much better and natural. This is because organic coffee is grown without the aid of additives like pesticides, herbicides, and chemicals and sold in the purest form.

Since there are no added chemicals, organic coffee is also safer and healthier than its non-organic counterparts. Naturally-grown coffee beans contain more minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants to keep the body strong. People who drink organic coffee are more energized than regular coffee drinkers.

Less harmful side effects

It is more likely that you will have a stomach ache or an allergic reaction from the pesticides and chemicals that can be found in conventional coffee. Additionally, these chemicals are responsible for causing many deadly diseases like cancer and damage to your reproductive and nervous systems.

Apart from this, the fats in our body might end up absorbing the chemicals for energy. Accumulation of these chemicals can prove to be deadly. In the case of organic coffee, there are lesser (or no) chances of the consumer-facing these damaging side effects.

Safe for children

A high number of high school children today drink more coffee than adults. At this age, these children are facing a lot of changes in their bodies due to puberty. Sadly, regular coffee today contains a large proportion of hormones and other chemicals that can affect or shun normal body development in these kids.

In the case of organic coffee, they contain no outside chemicals or hormones that can disturb the body developments in your kid.

Much more environmentally-friendly

Organic coffee is better for the environment since neither land is cleared to make space for plantations nor chemicals are used to deplete the quality of the biodiversity. The cultivation of coffee is done in the most organic manner possible, without the help of any modern farming tools and equipment.

Non-organic coffee is cultivated in areas that have been cleared down to make space for the plantations. This act of deforestation destroys a lot of flora and fauna that have made the rainforest their home. With deforestation come many other problems like erosion, change in the food supply, etc.

From the above, we come to know that organic coffee is not only healthy for the human body, but also for the environment. While organic coffee might cost you a bit more, it is always a healthier and better alternative to conventional coffee.

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